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How can you increase your AOV by up to 35% and consistently get over 5.5% conversion rate by just by using a landing page

I’ve always been amazed by the amount of people in the ecom space (even those that are doing good numbers) that simply don’t take advantage of funnels and landing pages but instead they use the standard shopping cart product pages.

In this article I’m going to share some tips and tricks that we have used to improve our business and increase performance across all sales matrices by utilizing funnels and landing pages.

Standard product pages are becoming less effective. 

With an increasing popularity and a market share of 31% shopify became the goto platform for entrepreneurs and small brands who seek selling online. Like other open source platforms such as woocommerce or magento, shopify offers layout templates for its users, and these almost always look the same, which makes it harder for brands to stand out and differentiate themselves . The result is customer apathy and marketing blindness which are crucial factors in low conversion rates. Using dedicated landing pages as part of your parking funnel can solve this by giving the freedom to make small tweaks and improvements that could make a huge impact on your performance.

Save money by getting a grip on your traffic and prevent leaks.

Selling your product with a landing page allows you to have more control on your visitors’ journey through your funnel and keeping them focused and less distracted. Remember, your goal when using direct-response marketing, is to lead your visitor to checkout in the shortest route possible, this means smoothing the way with less steps that may cause confusions and cart abandonment.

Keep it dynamic and make fast changes.

Working with standard shopping cart pages has little to no flexibility when it comes to changing page elements and layouts. It means that everytime you would want to test something new, or customize the way your offer is presented, you’ll have to hardcode the page structure yourself or hire a professional webmaster or a designer to do it for you. The color of the buy now button or the location and size of the pricing, each of these has an impact on the way your visitor perceives your offer and reacts to it. Rapid changes and A/B testing are integral part of the optimization process any sales page should go through, using a landing page gives you the flexibility and control that you need.

Optimize your offer for different devices, not just your layout.

Standard shopping cart pages are not optimized for the mobile shopping period! These pages were designed for wider screens and for static state. People usually use it when staying at home or at work. I’m talking about responsive pages that automatically change the layout of the page to fit mobile devices, if you really want to get the maximum out of your campaign in my opinion, it is not enough. Shopping from a mobile device is a totally different experience than shopping from a desktop, the type of users who buy with their mobile devices, their intent and behavior is not the same. Designing and adjusting your offer for different devices specially for mobile devices can increase your conversions and AOV by hundreds percent.

Replace your cart with the checkout and make everybody happier.

Instead of making your buyers take extra steps and actions by adding a product to the cart, navigating to the cart page and only then getting to the checkout, you should let them go directly to checkout with one action or click. Removing the cart steps and using personalized upsales after checkout, can increase your AOV and conversions dramatically.

Increase the  AOV with tier pricing and bundle upsales.

Using a clear tier pricing section on your landing page and adding bundle upsales show direct impact on AOV and profitability. People need to compare offers before they make a buying decision. Offering 3 different pricing options on the same landing page provides your visitors with the reference point and satisfying their need to compare  without leaving your funnel.

Keep testing and optimizing your funnel.

The more you test your actions the better you become, it is simple as that. A/B testing is one popular method for understanding what works better for your offer. Keep making changes until you get to your sweet spot and reach your desired ROI. You don’t have to be a conversion rate expert in order to get better results, you just need to give enough attention to DATA and KPI’s and keep optimizing.