Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

We have an exciting opportunity for a Logistics Manager for one of our online consumer brands. We are looking for an experienced logistics manager with extensive knowledge of supply-chain management in the e-commerce industry. As a member of the brand’s core management team, the Logistics Manager will manage every aspect of the brand’s supply chain.

The Logistics manager KOR is to improve stock management efficiency, develop and implement quality control practices and reduce overall costs. We are in need of a person who can design and manage our supply chain workflows and processes and continuously improving it.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and optimize inventory levels to prevent LSF and shortage situations.   
  • Coordinate purchase orders.
  • Create and coordinate shipping plans.
  • Handle returns and coordinate work with external storage services (3PL).
  • Create fulfillment orders.


  • Experience in supply-chain management.
  • Deep understanding of the e-commerce space and the private label business model.
  • Experience with suppliers in China and cross-border trading.
  • Proficient in excel and inventory management softwares.
  • Ability to work online and high self-management skills.
  • Flexible work schedule: International calls, video-conferences, meetings, etc. could occur randomly over the course of a 24-hour period.


  • Good communications skill
  • Proactive and resilient.
  • Self motivated and results orientated
  • True willingness to take responsibility and high sense of accountability.


Location independent/Online.



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